(World Class Technical Recruitment Services Supported By Real Hands-On Practical Assessments)

It is our mission to render up-to-date, cutting edge solutions to the challenges of recruitment services. We are poised to see that production/engineering facilities of various industries are operated and maintained by competent personnel with the right knowledge, skills and great attitude, competent enough to carry out their jobs.

Our recruitment processes are driven by a team of experienced engineers, with wealth of experience in diverse engineering and technical fields, supported by experience Human Resources professionals, who have had extensive experience in staff recruitment and selection processes.
These recruitment and selection services are complemented with well equipped laboratories/workshops, to facilitate the hands-on test and technical evaluation, supported by psychometric test batteries which are also administered on short listed candidates.

Some of the positions we can assist your organization to fill:


  • Marine supervisor
  • Dredger master
  • Geologist
  • Support Engineer
  • Well Site Engineer
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Geophysicist
  • Welding Technician
  • Land Surveyor
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Petro Physicist
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Petroleum Economist
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Cost Engineer
  • Risk/Compliance Officer
  • Health, safety and environment consultants
  • Telecommunication engineers
  • Remediation / pollution control consultant’s
  • Geophysical QA/QC consultant’s
  • Drilling / well engineering consultant’s
  • Marine mammal observer
  • Risk/Compliance Officer
  • Drilling Fluid Analyst
  • Rotating Equipment Engineering
  • Upstream Technical Solution Analyst
  • Rig electrician
  • Instrument Engineers
  • Process Engineers and Technicians
  • SCADA and HMI Operators


  • Plant Managers
  • Chief Engineers / Engineering Managers
  • Automation engineers/Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers / Managers
  • Workshop Managers
  • Shift Engineers / Managers
  • Project Engineers / Managers
  • Operation Managers
  • Utilities Engineers / Managers
  • Brewing Managers
  • Packaging engineers/Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Civil engineers
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Construction Engineers/Supervisors
  • Instrumentation & Process Control Technicians & Engineers
  • Automation Technicians & Engineers
  • ICT Engineers & Managers
  • Electrical / Electronic Technicians & Engineers
  • Mechanical Technicians

Benefit of using AETI Recruitment/Selection services

  • General and skills related psychometric test
  • Hands-on structured practical assessment
  • In-house specialist engineers/experts always on ground to handle the processes
  • For the selected candidates, a one day free orientation/training program to be conducted at no extra cost to clients.
  • Elimination of assumptions as regards competencies of selected candidates